What are Assisted
Living Requirements?

What are Assisted Living Requirements?

If you’re considering moving into an assisted living facility, certain requirements must be met. You’ll need to provide the following:

1. A completed application form.

An essential part of the application process is providing a completed application form, which includes a variety of background information about the potential resident. Depending on the facility, there may also be additional paperwork and documents required for review. Furthermore, most facilities have strict eligibility requirements when it comes to age and physical or mental condition.

2. Proof of identity.

These requirements typically involve the provision of some form of official identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, to prove one’s identity and therefore qualify for residence. It is relatively standard procedure for many facilities and omitting this entirely will almost certainly result in a denial of residence.

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3. Proof of financial resources.

Along with proof that you’re able to pay for the cost of care, you may need to show proof of financial resources such as social security payments, supplemental security income amounts, or veterans benefits. It’s also a good idea to discuss the scope of your desired services beforehand. This could require documentation from employers or banks that verify the information provided in the application process.

4. Medical records

You’ll need to provide proof of your medical history, including detailed records of past medical treatments and conditions as well as any current medications that you’re taking. This isn’t only to ensure that the facility is equipped to look after your specific medical needs if required, but also to show that you have no current medical issues which would put yourself or other residents at risk.

5. A physical and mental health assessment

This usually includes a checkup, cognitive and physical tests, as well as an overall assessment of your health status. Providing complete details of your current physical and mental health will help to ensure that the best alternative is chosen for your situation.

6. An assessment of social and recreational interests

This is important so you will get connected with activities that you find fulfilling and enjoyable while living in the facility. You’ll want to make sure you are placed in rooms or living spaces where you feel comfortable, as well as provide some kind of access to daily activities that promote physical and mental health.

7. Any legal documents related to advance care planning

All legal documents related to the planning of your care must be provided before your move can be finalized – this includes durable and healthcare powers of attorney, legal guardianships, if applicable, and any other proper documentation relating to the planning of your care.

8. Proof of home ownership or rental agreement.

This could be a deed or lease in your name, showing that you have either purchased or are renting a residence. Along with this document, other paperwork may be required such as wages history and any other documents for financial stability.

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