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Hampton Manor The Differences Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Homes

The Differences: Nursing Homes vs. Assisted Living

When you think of assisted living homes what do you think of? When you think of nursing homes what do you think of?

We hope you aren’t thinking of the same thing! The biggest misconceptions about elderly care is that the two are synonymous; but in reality, they are very different.

The official description of a nursing home is “a private institution providing residential accommodations with health care, especially for elderly people.”

While the official description of an assisted living home is “a system of housing and limited care that is designed for senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities but do not require care in a nursing home.”

These descriptions are similar, but they leave out a few of the most important differences. Here are a couple:

Level of Care Needed:

The personal attention from medical staff is the most substantial differences between nursing homes and assisted living facilities. When an individual requires around the clock care for more serious illness or injuries generally nursing homes are the right place for your loved ones.

However, if an individual is still considerably healthy/self sufficient and only struggling with mobility or memory diseases, assisted living might the better option. Assisted living homes are the ideal place for individuals who can still take care of themselves but are not longer safe living on their own.

Whether your loved on requires a nursing home or is better fit for assisted living, knowing that they have access to around the clock care will provide serious peace of mind.


The lifestyle and quality of life are another drastic difference between nursing homes and assisted living. Nursing homes are generally more institutionalized and structured as a hospital may be. This is because nursing homes are designed with constant medical care in mind as their resident are usually facing serious illness or injury. The lifestyle in these establishments is very limited and structured for safety reasons.

Assisted living homes are generally structured as an apartment may be and posses a much stronger sense of community. Residents in assisted living have more independence as they do not require around the clock care, but rather occasional assistance. They dictate their own schedules, much as they would at home, and are still responsible for their own day to day activities.


When deciding between nursing homes and assisted living homes, the reason to make this transition can include a number of factors.

If a nursing home is chosen due to sudden medical diagnosis’ or serious injury, the transition can feel very drastic in comparison to living alone. While nursing homes are often necessary, they only allow limited time for residents to adjust.

However, if planned for, moving into an assisted living home earlier can allow individuals to stay out of nursing homes longer. This is because the risks associated with living alone are greatly diminished. If serious injuries can be avoided and ones health more closely monitored in an assisted living home, a higher quality of life can be maintained.

Despite their difference, the goals of nursing homes and assisted living homes are the same: to provide the necessary care to the your elderly loved ones. Choosing the right place can be a HUGE decision, and one we hope to help you make!

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