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Hampton Manor How Assisted Living Helps The Elderly Be More Independent

Unlocking Independence through Assisted Living

The transition from a familiar home to a new community can be tough, especially as age makes even the simplest of tasks difficult. A lot of individuals fear that moving into an assisted living homes will strip their independence and freedoms. However, assisted living is designed to do the exact opposite!

Here are a few ways that our homes empower the elderly as they age:


Feeling as though you have to be/are being babysat as you age can be very demoralizing. One way that assisted living homes avoid this feeling is by providing residents with their own space and privacy. Because residents in assisted living homes are healthy and able be self sufficient, living quarters are truly private and nurses/aides only come in when assistance is required. This sense of personal space is vital in remaining independent and is highly respected in assisted living homes.

Peace of Mind

One of the luxuries of assisted living homes is never feeling like a burden. As we age, needing more help is a part of life; but when that requires significant help from ones family or friends, it is natural to feel like a burden. In assisted living homes that help, as much or as little as necessary, is expected and provided. This allows for a weight to be lifted off you and your loved ones shoulders, as they do not need to worry about your self sufficiency or safety.

In addition to the peace of mind provided to loved ones, residents often feel more comfortable knowing that there is always help available. The removal of the fear of falling or having a medical emergency without help can be a huge stress relief to residents. This alone can increase independence as they feel safe and secure in their new home.

An Active Lifestyle

Another way that assisted living adds to an individuals sense of independence is by providing opportunities for an active lifestyle. Every assisted living home is staffed with an activities director that coordinates various activities throughout the day. These activities may include grocery trips, musical performances, crafts, exercise classes, card games, or movie nights. This variety of activities is sure to offer something that interests everyone and keep residents active throughout the day. However, even if residents choose not to participate, they still have the independence and freedom to choose what makes them happy.

While these are just a few examples, the entire concept of assisted living homes are based around independence. Most daily activities and responsibilities remain up to residents and assistance is exclusive to medical and mobility needs.

To experience this independence first hand, contact us to schedule a tour!

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