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Hampton Manor #MillionMaskChallenge: Dealing with Covid-19

Inspiring #MillionMaskChallenge at Hampton Manor

There is no doubt that Covid-19 is changing the country and the world that we live in by the minute, but there is always light in dark places- and for us, that is Hampton Manor Assisted Living.

As the corona virus continues to spread and effect thousands of people worldwide, some of the most ‘at risk’ individuals are our residents and your family members! This scary new reality called for drastic measures by our staff to ensure the safety and health of our community.

We made the difficult decision to suspend visiting hours for residents families and halt all off-venue activities offered last week. This decision was not one that was made lightly, as we pride ourselves on providing extremely independent assisted living for our residents. In addition, this time is increasingly scary for our residents families and we know that there is nothing you all want more than to be surrounded by your loved ones.

However, we are proud to say that, thus far, none of our residents have been effected by Covid-19 and we are doing everything in our power to keep it this way.

We want to take this time to applaud our incredible staff who have worked around the clock to ensure that our residents are taken care of during these scary times. Our front line. We couldn’t do it without them.

In particular we want to take the time to tell the story of one of our beloved employees who has gone out of her way to provide for Hampton Manor and the surrounding community, Mrs. Dee Miner.

Delores Miner has been apart of our Hampton Manor Bellview staff for a while now, and we are better because of her. Dee is resident care taker who also fell into the ‘at risk’ population during this pandemic. Due to her age, Hampton Manor decided it might be safest for her and the residents if she continued to work from home during this ‘state of emergency’.

The CDC recently provided guidelines for cloth masks to be used as personal protective equipment for those infected, those at risk, and those health care providers who are working tirelessly.

Dee, who is a seamstress in her free time, immediately sprung into action to help the Hampton Manor community as quickly as she could making masks for our at risk residents and individuals effected by Covid-19 in the surrounding community. This is not the first time that Dee has made magic happen with her sewing machine, as she most recently treated her residents to home made teddy bears for Valentine’s Day!

Thus far Mrs.Miner has made almost 200 masks at her home with her personal sewing machine. But the love doesn’t stop there, when Dee went to her local JoAnn Fabrics to purchase the materials, she told an employee what she was doing and received 20% of her purchase for her selfless work.

In the face of adversity, there is joy and hope all around us; this is proved by Delores Miner, the employees at JoAnn Fabrics, the thousands of healthcare providers who continue to go to work, and all of the others who find reasons to be happy everyday, even when the circumstances are far form ideal.

Dee is apart of the #MillionMaskChallenge, a positive and selfless movement created on the internet that is working to help our front line fight this virus and keep as many people as healthy as possible. The #MillionMaskChallenge has people all over the world working to create masks and contain the spread of the corona virus.

We cannot wait until we have Mrs.Miners sweet smile back at Hampton Manor but we find comfort in knowing that she healthy and changing the world from the safety of her own home!

Hampton Manor Assisted Living will continue to make our residents our priority and keep you posted on the happening in our community while you are quarantined away from you loved ones.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay hopeful! We hope to see you all soon .

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