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Hampton Manor Welcome Fall: How To Stay Healthy As The Seasons Change

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Earlier this year it felt like fall would never come, but cooler weather is finally upon us! However, this fall it is more important than ever to ensure that our residents, staff, and community stay healthy. Here are a few ways to build your immune system up to ensure it is ready for the changing weather:

Commit to a Consistent Sleep Schedule:

Health professionals suggest that senior citizens 65+ need at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. But arguably more important than the amount of sleep is consistent sleep!

  • Create a routine that tells your body it is getting ready to go to sleep- such as bathing before bed or reading a book to calm your mind.
  • Go to sleep at a similar time each day. Consistency is key! Going to bed and waking around the same time each day helps teach your body to prepare for the day ahead.
  • Create an ideal sleep space. Make your space dark and cool so that your body can settle in and get a deep sleep.

Commit to ‘You’ Time

Whether it be sitting outside, reading a book, knitting, painting, or spending time with your friends- prioritize yourself each day.

As things change in the world, the weather, and the environment it is vital to maintain your mental health! Commit to an hour or so each day to do something that makes you feel happy.

Hampton Manor offers a multitude of activities each day at all three of our communities to ensure that our residents have the opportunity to commit to ‘me’ time.

Don’t Skip the Doctors

Prioritize your health!

We should be doing this all year long, but as the weather changes it should be at the top of your list. If you’re feeling under the weather, be quick to see a doctor before it gets worse! Make sure to get your flu shot and stay healthy.

Keep Moving

Physical health can be harder to maintain when the temperatures begin to drop and being outside becomes less ideal. However, remaining physically fit is extremely important for quality of life as we age. To combat this dilemma find new ways to be physically fit:

  • Hampton Manor offers multiple exercise classes a week to help our resident maintain their physical fitness- try these!
  • Walk the hallways with your friends during the day to get your steps in.
  • Stretch when you wake in the morning to combat stiffness throughout the day.
  • Make sure to take advantage of warm days to get out and get fresh air!

Wear Your Personal Protective Equipment

While all of these steps are important, perhaps this step is the most important! Our world is still amidst a pandemic that more significantly effects the older population.

Hampton Manor is committed to holding strong in our fight of COVID-19 and protecting our staff/employees. However, we will need your help; continuing to wear personal protective equipment is essential in stopping the spread and saving lives.

We are excited for a change in a weather, but also know that many things come with this change; but, a decline in your health shouldn’t be one!

Hampton Manor is here to help you stay active, healthy, safe, and happy this fall/winter!

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