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Connect with Your Loved One with Benesse Family App

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States five months ago, Hampton Manor quickly identified that this changing world would affect the ‘Senior Living’ industry in a unique way.

While stay-at-home orders swept the country and everything began to shut down, we knew that we needed to adapt- and quickly. Due to old age and the precarious health of our residents, Assisted Living homes were immediately flagged as ‘at risk’ and put into the third phase of reopening.

With no end in sight, Hampton Manor swung into action to find new ways for families to interact with their loved ones, since they would not be able to visit in person.

Queue Benesse Family! The interactive application to connect families to their loved one.

Benesse has worked around the clock for the last 4 months to create this application specifically for our assisted living homes and their loved ones. They have tailored the features specifically to our needs and are continuing to perfect it everyday!

Families can receive daily updates through the application. The updates include their loved ones mood, health, and daily activities. This interactive app also rewards our staff for keeping you up to date, a win-win.

Our Favorite Feature: Video Chats!

Another unique feature of the app is the ability to schedule video chat calls with your loved ones, powered by Zoom. After sending a request, a staff member will accept or deny the meeting shortly before the call to ensure that your loved one is awake, available, and up to chat.

Then, at the scheduled time, a member of our staff will set your loved one up with a iPad to access the ‘Zoom’ video call. Each call can last up to 30 minutes to ensure that all of our residents have time to speak to their loved ones. You’ll need the free Zoom App to access these calls, but do not require an account.

While we know that you would rather be here in person, we think that this video chat feature is the best way for our residents to stay in contact with their families until it is safe to be together!

In the last few weeks, Hampton Manor launched the Benesse Family App at our Deerwood site, with 24th Road and Belleview to follow in the weeks to come. We have found that this application is providing peace of mind during precarious times!

How to get the Benesse Family App:

When your desired community is ready to launch the application, you should receive an invitation via email with a username and password. If you have not received an email, please contact your residence directly so that we can ensure we have your proper contact information.

Next, to download the app, visit your app store on Android or iPhone and search ‘Benesse Family’.

Hampton Manor A New Way To Stay in Touch: The Benesse Family App

Search ‘Benesse Family’ in your devices app store to download the app!

When the download is complete, you’ll select your residents community!

Hampton Manor A New Way To Stay in Touch: The Benesse Family App

Step 1 after downloading: Select your community!

Now you should select ‘Family or Friend’ and you’ll be taken to the login screen!

Hampton Manor A New Way To Stay in Touch: The Benesse Family App

Step 2: Select Family or Friend

Next you’ll login using your personalized account sent to your email and explore the app!

Hampton Manor A New Way To Stay in Touch: The Benesse Family App | Hampton Manor

Step 3: Login with the information sent to your email and explore the app!

If you have any questions on how to access, use, or navigate that application- please feel free to contact us with your questions. If you find that you are loving the application, please leave a review in your app store!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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