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Hampton Manor Gift Ideas For Your Loved One In Assisted Living

Holiday Ideas for a COVID Christmas

How To Make the Holidays Special During a Pandemic:

Hampton Manor knows that the holidays can be tough under the best of circumstances, but 2020 is presenting some especially difficult obstacles. With the pandemic still sweeping America, social distancing, lockdowns, and travel restrictions are going to change what the holiday season looks like. We know that it has definitely changed things for Hampton Manor, and cannot begin to imagine how it has effected all of you!

However, just because you may not be able to be with your loved ones during these trying times, it doesn’t mean that the holidays won’t be special this year. Hampton Manor has curated a few ideas to spread the holiday spirit! Check them out:

Keep Your Traditions Via Video Chat

Technology is great, use it! We encourage you to make arrangements to share your holiday traditions via Zoom or FaceTime. The Hampton Manor staff is always available and willing to help residents communicate with their family, whether it be through our app or are residents personal technology.

Seeing the faces of your family and friends on the holidays is so important and we want to help you maintain that connection in any way!

Secret Santa

Keep your loved one in the loop by allowing them to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange! We love this tradition, and usually do it among the residents and staff in our various communities. Your loved one will get the joy of giving and receiving a gift without the stress of shopping for many people during a pandemic. The presents can be ordered via amazon or online and delivered through the mail, making the sending and receiving of gifts even more of a surprise!

Deliver Their Favorite Dish

While we are anxiously awaiting Christmas, we don’t want to forget about Thanksgiving… Surprise your loved on with their favorite Thanksgiving or Christmas dish so that they can still have a home cooked meal from the comfort of their room!

If you’re not a cook, consider a DoorDash of GrubHub to deliver a special treat to your family member. Its the thought that counts!

Homemade Christmas Cards

Flood your loved ones mailbox with tons of love by having the entire family send their own holiday card! The sweet messages mean everything to our residents and are a simple way to keep in touch. Bonus points for homemade cards, the love and effort put into your card won’t be overlooked!

Send Decorations

Put together a care package of decorations for your loved one, so that their room can feel festive! Hampton Manor decorates our common areas each year, but making sure your loved ones room is up to par on the holiday spirit is a perfect way to spread joy. Whether it be a small Christmas tree, a few lights, or fun sign it will brighten up to the room!. Our residents won’t be able to get out much to see lights or decorations this year, so bringing the holiday spirit into our communities is important.

Hampton Manor hopes that you have a wonderful holiday season, but more importantly a safe and healthy winter! We cannot wait to see all the creative ideas you have for keeping your loved ones close while far away. If you use any of these ideas, or come up with your own, don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts so that we can see what you’re up to!

Happy Holidays!

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