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Hampton Manor What We’ve Been Up To

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How Hampton Manor Is Having Fun Inside:

As we approach month five of quarantine, our staff and residents are getting antsy indoors. We miss our normal lives, having visitors, seeing our families, and going on outings!

Luckily, our company is staffed with the most caring and dedicated activities directors who keep life exciting for our residents and staff!

With the strict CDC guidelines and the safety of our residents in mind, Hampton Manor made the decision not to document our activities as we usually would have on Facebook and the website.

However, we acknowledge the importance of having our community stay up to date on the happening at Hampton Manor. We are slowly transitioning back into updating our social media accounts, so stay tuned!

As we know that our community is missing their loved ones desperately, we thought we would share insight into some of the activities we have been putting on for our residents!

Indoor Olympics:

Deerwood hosted an indoor Olympics since the 2020 Olympics were postponed! Our residents each participated in socially distant- individuals sports such as bowling, corn hole, and wheelchair races. At the end of the competition, we crowned a champion!

Hampton Manor What We’ve Been Up To

Celebrating Holidays:

Hampton Manor loves to celebrate our holidays! Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July have all passed since we have been in quarantine. However, Our activities directors have celebrated with our residents each time. Most recently, we had a cookout in the courtyard for the Fourth of July. It was wonderful to have everyone together!

Hampton Manor What We’ve Been Up To

Honoring our Veterans on Memorial Day and the 4th of July:

Every year, with no exception, we take Memorial Day and Fourth of July very seriously. Many of our residents are veterans and honoring their service is extremely important to us. While this year we celebrated with cake, in years past we have celebrated with a flag service!

Hampton Manor What We’ve Been Up To

A Weekend Party:

Most recently, 24th road celebrated with luau while Bellview celebrated with Christmas in July! Weekend party’s just to celebrate being together are one of our residents favorite thing to look forward to throughout the week!

Hampton Manor What We’ve Been Up To

A Big Birthday Bash:

Unfortunately, so many families have missed their loved ones birthdays during quarantine. Celebrating another year of life is such an important thing at Hampton Manor as age is what brings us together! To ensure that not a single birthday was missed, 24th Road celebrated with one big party. There was no shortage of laughter, cake, or ice cream!

Hampton Manor What We’ve Been Up To:

A Drive By Parade:

In May our residents were treated with a drive-by parade from their loved ones! Totally socially distant but close enough to feel the love as our residents families drove by in the car to say ‘hello’!

We know that you miss your family, and hope that the world settles down soon that you can come visit. But know that you loved ones are happy and healthy inside their home. Hampton Manor is proud to say that we have not had a single case of Covid-19 and will continue to be dedicated to keeping it that way!

Stay safe, and stay healthy!

-Hampton Manor

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