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Hampton Manor Clear Up the Misconceptions of Assisted Living

Assisted Living Secrets You Need to Know

When you think of assisted living homes, what comes to mind?

Do you think of happy, healthy people in private living quarters with freedom in their daily lives? Well, you should! Assisted Living homes often catch a bad reputation due to serious misunderstandings.

We’re here to clear up some of the most widespread misconceptions about assisted living:

There is a lack of privacy:

Moving into an assisted living home does NOT mean relinquishing privacy! At Hampton Manor, along with most other assisted living facilities, we have a variety of floorpans thats all include private bedrooms and bathrooms. Nurses do not come and go as they please and residents are by no means baby sat. Privacy is vital to an individual feeling comfortable in their own home, and assisted living allows for as much privacy as one should want.

I will lose my independence:

Often, the biggest reluctancy about moving into an assisted living home is the fear of giving up ones independence. However, the goal of assisted living is to provide the contrary! Residents have the freedom to choose their daily activities and can still indulge in their favorite hobbies. The structure provided is strictly medical and aimed to keep residents healthy and mobile!

I should only make the transition when it is necessary:

A lot of people do not think that is necessary to make the transition to an assisted living home until they are sick or unable to live on their own anymore. But in reality, making the transition during these times can be chaotic, stressful, and make residents feel as though they are moving against their will. Planning ahead, whilst healthy, gives residents the time to explore various locations and get acclimated to their environment in their own time; ultimately, making the process much easier.

It wont feel like home:

As our residents are all in the late stages of life, most of them have spent a life surrounding themselves with the things they love and that now feel like home. This unique sense of home is one of things assisted living homes are able to keep in tact. As the rooms are apartment style, each resident has the freedom to fill their space with their personal belongings and memorabilia to truly make it their own.

Despite the many misconceptions, assisted living homes can be a wonderful transition for individuals in their old age. These residences provide a sense of safety and community while maintaining vital privacy and independence.

Here at Hampton Manor our residents are our priority- if you have any questions please contact us!

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