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Hotels vs. Assisted Living: Which is Best?

We’ve all heard the chatter about Holiday Inn’s or cruise ships being more affordable than, and just as accommodating as, assisted living facilities. Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that it simply isn’t true. Dollar for dollar, you get what you pay for and it’s clear to see where the better value lies if you only take a moment to look. Sure, the idea of staying at a Holiday Inn sounds nice, but realistically, they come in the morning to change your sheets and you are only provided with that Continental meal once a day. Your neighbors in an affordable motel/hotel may also be less than desirable.

If long term care and retirement housing is what is needed at this point in your life, the assistance provided in a specialized senior living community is invaluable. It may be something as simple as having help bringing in the groceries, but it may also be something that only trained staff would be expected to do, such as personal hygiene assistance, ensure daily medications are given correctly, and dietary needs are offered with reminders. Let’s break this down into what’s really involved. Realistically from a hotel, you can expect room service that you will pay extra for – a dining room with reasonable hours – that you will pay extra for twice a day if you choose to utilize it – possible amenities that, depending on what, when and where, you may also be paying extra for, and city transportation that may or may not be accommodating to your accessibility needs, may or may not offer assistance with boarding and exiting, and may or may not charge you a fee for its use.

From an assisted living facility such as ours you receive: transportation with the proper accommodation and assistance, trained staff 24/7 who are willing and able to assist as needed and are as hands-off as they can be when independence is possible, three provided meals a day should you choose to utilize the on-site dining room, several different amenities – depending on the facility – where staff also make regular room checks and are readily available to help if needed, and the same respect and privacy you would expect as a guest in a hotel setting. Despite all the things that are included in assisted living, the cost per day only winds up being a few dollars more.

The overall cost is beyond measure when your health and happiness are a top priority. Even just the three meals a day make it well worth the slight difference in cost. Having 24/7 access to trained medical staff provides a peace of mind that, while peripheral, will leave you feeling safer and more secure, more able to relax as you ought to at home. Sure, vacations are nice, but don’t you always hear folks say, “there is nothing like coming home and sleeping in your own bed”? That’s the real goal, isn’t it? A place to be able to relax and enjoy your retirement. That is what our facilities strive to provide; comfort, peace of mind, and value while still being a place you want to call “home”. Our motto: Residents don’t live in our building we work in their homes.

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